Life, spent together.

Life is much more fun
when you spend it together!

About Doni

Create a personal wish list so you can share your desires with friends. Or, join with others to buy gifts together. Doni makes reaching your goals easy and fun!


Wish Lists


Did you know that spending money on others actually yields more happiness than spending on yourself? Start an event for someone special, invite your friends to contribute and decide on the perfect gift together with them! Doni always utilizes secure payments and offers several methods to transact and move money.

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Doni is also available on the web or tablets via any browser. Same great features and rich experience.

What People are Saying

Lena Guzman

Doni is always my go-to for so many daily life activities; it can be used in so many situations! I love planning parties with friends, and Doni is always necessary for that. If you're like me, you might have growing wishlists, which is another time when Doni comes to the rescue!!

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